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Will it be U.S. Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio?  What about Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana?  Will House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan get the nod?  Or will it be someone else?

Speculation about Republican nominee-in-waiting Mitt Romney’s vice presidential pick has been building in recent weeks, and the former Massachusetts governor upped the anticipation even more this week by announcing a smart phone app that would give his supporters the news first.

“There’s no telling when Mitt will choose his VP,” a release from the Romney campaign notes. “But when he does, be the first to find out with Mitt’s VP app.”

Android and iPhone users can download the app from Romney’s campaign website, or click the icon below …

Such gimmicks are becoming increasingly common in American politics …

Four years ago, then-Democratic nominee Barack Obama unveiled his vice presidential selection via a text message to his supporters.  Unfortunately for Obama, his announcement was scooped by the press beforehand – and many of his supporters didn’t receive the message until several hours after it was made.

As we’ve noted on numerous previous occasions, Romney’s vice presidential pick is irrelevant to us.  If it’s a fiscal conservative, that’s all well and good – but it doesn’t change the fact that there’s a status quo “Republican in Name Only” calling the shots.

“It’s the top of the GOP ticket we’ve got a problem with,” we wrote recently.

Sadly, there’s no app that can undo that …