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We promise that come next week we’ll get back to writing about what’s really important – i.e. the incessant slew of painful statistics which conclusively prove the failure of South Carolina’s ongoing commitment to big government (a commitment that’s been embraced by S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley).

For the moment, though, Haley’s ongoing nepotism saga continues to dominate the news coverage.

Ten days ago, this website first reported that Haley’s 14-year-old daughter, Rena, had received a part-time job at the S.C. State House gift shop.  This store is run by the S.C. Department of Parks Recreation and Tourism (SCPRT) – which is part of Haley’s cabinet.  In fact the order to hire Haley’s daughter rep0rtedly came straight from Duane Parrish, SCPRT’s director (who was appointed to his post last year by Haley).

Anyway … after we ran the story, all hell broke loose.

The (Columbia, S.C.) State newspaper published – and then quickly withdrew – its own story on the controversial hire.  Meanwhile Haley went off the deep end accusing the paper of jeopardizing her child’s safety (even though she later provided the information sought by the paper to one of its competitors).

It’s been a royal mess for the governor … a national story that’s been picked up as far away as Washington State.

It’s also been a disaster for The State newspaper – which eventually ran its story but suffered a major blow to its credibility in the process.

As recently as Thursday evening, the clusterfuck was still unraveling as a belligerent Haley snapped at a reporter for WYFF TV 4 (NBC – Greenville, S.C.). who dared to question her about the matter.

Take a look at the exchange …

Again, there’s a very simple point to be made here … if Haley didn’t want her daughter to be the subject of public scrutiny, then she probably shouldn’t have gotten her a taxpayer-funded job.

Also, Haley’s insistence that she had nothing to do with the decision to hire her daughter is ludicrous … yet another example of the governor’s chronic inability to tell the truth.