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A group calling itself the “Republican Liberty Caucus of South Carolina” has just released a scorecard ranking members of the S.C. General Assembly on how they voted with respect to Gov. Nikki Haley’s budget vetoes.

They shouldn’t have bothered.

Haley vetoed a totally underwhelming $60-70 million – which accounted for one quarter of one percent of the state’s $23 billion budget. ┬áThen she patted our state’s fiscally liberal lawmakers on the back and said she was “happy” when they sustained $4 million in her proposed spending reductions.

What a joke … and this is supposed to be a “Tea Party” conservative?

And while it’s nice to see lawmakers like Lee Bright, Kevin Bryant and Tom Davis (three fiscal conservative stalwarts) leading the way again when it comes to casting votes to protect the taxpayers – Haley didn’t give them the opportunity to do much in the way of protecting.

In fact we’re kind of surprised that these lawmakers even bothered to come back to Columbia, S.C. to vote on this nonsense … or that this group wasted time compiling the results of those votes.

Oh well, we suppose this is yet another indication of the sad state of the “reform movement” in South Carolina …