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Since it has been forever since we’ve done an installment of “the wire,” we figured today was as good a day as any to get back in the groove. We love this format, and it got all sorts of rave reviews when we launched it earlier this year.  It also served as the impetus for our recently created tip line … which has been a wonderful new source of anonymously submitted information.

So why have we been so slack in publishing the “wire” each day?

Well, like our previous afternoon “post” – an assemblage of interesting links from other media outlets – the “wire” is also a bear to assemble on a daily  (or even quasi-daily) basis, especially when there’s so much news to cover.  And we remain (despite rumors and our founding editor’s delusions to the contrary) essentially a one-man shop – which is why many brilliant ideas from our founding editor often go by the wayside.

Sorry ladies … there’s only one of him.

Anyway, as we prepare to launch the next version of FITS (coming later this summer), we will be looking for ways to reincorporate both of these popular features.

To the wire!



QUESTION: Some one told me your story on Nikki Haley’s daughter working at the State House gift shop was picked up by the main stream press but I can’t find it anywhere. Do you have a link?

FITS: You’re correct. A story was written by The (Columbia, S.C.) State but it doesn’t appear to be on their website and the versions that appeared in The Charlotte Observer and The Rock Hill Herald were blocked by subscription and mis-linked, respectively. So no … we don’t have a link to it. #TreeFallingInTheWoods



COMMENT: your an idiot, plan and simple, the Gov. daughter should be off limits. its not like she can get a reg. job in the public.

FITS: Really? What about the governor’s “family business?”



COMMENT: You should be ashamed of yourself for such a slanted article on Nikki Haley’s daughter. Teaching a child to work hard and earn some money… what a terrible thing. I am sure that it would be more expensive to the tax payers if she went to say a McDonalds and the security she would have to have.

Leave the children out of the political areas.

Shame on you!

FITS: When an elected official uses their position of influence to hire a relative to a taxpayer-funded job that wasn’t advertised and therefore wasn’t available to members of the public, we’re absolutely going to write about it … and sleep soundly afterward.



TIP: Given your coverage of her Savannah River Sellout/ Rape of the River/ Jasper Sellout/ Charleston Betrayal you absolutely HAVE to write about this quote from Haley regarding our port situation …

“[If] Washington, D.C., and this administration don’t step up,” says South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, “we won’t even have the luxury to compete.”

Can you believe she wasn’t struck by lightning when she said that?

FITS: Amazing … last time we checked, Haley and Obama were on the same page with regard to our state’s ports, meaning both have been doing everything within their power to make it easier for our competition (most notably, Georgia) to gain further ground.



COMMENT: I see our Governor has been facebooking and petition signing for Katrina Shealy. Am I mistaken but wasn’t it the Rep. Haley and Rep. Ballentine that wrote this bill to change the election rules and compliance of filing. Now Nikki is out trying say that the rules she and Ballentine put in place need to be put aside for the candidates she endorses. Ballentine on the other hand has tried to stay quiet hoping that tax payers won’t link the fact that the legislation changes they put in place has led to a fiasco that will end up costing us the taxpayers huge amounts of money. Special elections will have to be held for those seats that are left empty etc.

FITS: Wait … you’re saying Haley is acting in a hypocritical manner? Surely not our governor (cough, cough).


TIP: Your boy Mick Mulvaney was on “Morning Joe” this week with fudge packer Barney Frank pushing for cuts to the U.S. military. Can’t wait to hear you try and spin THAT.

FITS: Good for him. We support Pentagon cuts every bit as vigorously as we support cuts elsewhere in government. National defense is a core function of government, to be sure, but that doesn’t mean we need to spent $2 trillion more on expanding our role as the world’s police force – as Mitt Romney has proposed (and neocons like Lindsey Graham have seconded). Obviously this website has made its thoughts on Barney Frank perfectly clear, but he’s right on this issue … and Mulvaney is right to work with him on it.



QUESTION: When are you going to write about the Miley and Associates study of I-73? Your website has led the charge against this boondoggle. You need to do an update and feature this story …

FITS: Good point. We do need to cover this. We can say that it’s good to see a real study done on I-73 as opposed to that nonsense spewed forth by the Myrtle Beach Mafia.



TIP: To expand on your story about elected officials using inmate labor you should send a FOIA to SLED about Tim Morgan, Asst. Sheriff of Pickens County who has decided to run for Sheriff after his Sheriff got knocked off. In 1997/98, a SLED investigation revealed that Mr. Morgan was using Inmate Labor to build his house. The SLED report was completed and presented to Soliocitor Bob Arail who was pretty new then and submitted to the Sheriff who covered it up but the SLED report is still there. He was not charged but had to pay $1,800 to the Sheriff’s “non-profit” account!!! Of course, no one can find that account. Great story waiting on you …….

FITS: Good tip … we will do that …



TIP: Regarding this story, this is just another example of how Sheriff Kenney Boone and his incompetent staff have blundered a major murder case. SLED was forced to take this case over after The Florence County Sheriffs Office had already arrested these men without any evidence. For some reason this is all that has been printed about this case. As I wrote you in the past, our local media is scared to print the truth about Sheriff Boone. Sheriff Boone want even release details of who he disciplined for the mishandling of this case. Maybe you can do some research and get some answers.

FITS: Interesting … we have received a lot of tips about Boone in the past, and of course we covered that story about the missing guns from his evidence lockers a few years back.



TIP: Down in Charleston Lil Summey (county councilman Keith Summey) becomes a Republican and what’s his first order of business? Propose a tax increase.

Pretty pathetic.

FITS: We  knew Summey would fit right in with South Carolina “Republicans.”



TIP: Did you see this?

FITS: No. We knew that there was some dissension in the Democratic ranks regarding their 2012 convention (which is being financed on the backs of North Carolina and South Carolina energy consumers), but we don’t listen to Limbaugh’s show.



TIP: Why don’t you find out about John Rainey blocking his wife’s daughters from seeing her, threatening to call the sheriff if they show up at her house? They are in their 40s, they are heartbroken. His wife has Alzheimers. He is a piece of human shit. Wonder how much he stands to inherit from wifey? He’s controlling her to the point where he won’t let her see her own children, could you imagine some bastard doing that to your wife, to your children? He needs his ass cut publicly about his cruelty.

FITS: If John Rainey needs his “ass cut” publicly on something, we suspect that governor’s office will be more than up for the job. If any of the Rainey family members want to comment on this to us, however, we would obviously listen to what they had to say.


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