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Richland County Sheriff’s Department (RCSD) deputies have arrested local bookie Brett Parker in connection with a gory double homicide that took place on Friday, April 13 in an affluent suburb of Columbia, S.C., sources tell FITS.

Unfamiliar with this case?  You can read our most recent report on it by clicking here.

According to our sources, Parker’s arrest came less than 24 hours after he attempted to commit suicide – likely in response to the net that was tightening around him.  No word yet on the details of the suicide attempt, although sources close to Parker’s family tell FITS it involved an “overdose.”

UPDATE: Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott held a press conference Friday afternoon confirming Parker’s arrest and the fact that he was charged with two counts of murder in the first degree.

Here’s his mug shot …

Brett Parker

The so-called “Ascot Murders” were originally thought to have been a case of a husband shooting an intruder in self defense after the intruder shot and kiled his wife.  In fact that’s what the RCSD originally told the press, but it wasn’t long before a vastly different narrative began emerging.

Police were called to the $750,000 Ascot Estates home of Brett and Tammy Parker on April 13 to investigate a reported home invasion. Inside they found the bodies of 44-year-old Tammy (a Novartis sales representative) and 46-year-old Bryan Capnerhurst (who was described initially by the press as an acquaintance of the Parkers). Both victims had multiple gunshot wounds to their upper bodies.

It was later revealed that Capnerhurst and Brett Parker had a gambling connection – and that Brett Parker was reportedly in way over his head regarding some gambling debts.

FITS was the first media outlet to report on the gambling connection to this case – which Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott confirmed at the same time he confirmed the news of Parker’s arrest. We also reported exclusively over a month ago that police had probable cause to arrest Brett Parker – however we were told at the time that investigators were treating this as a murder for hire case involving two shooters.

That report turned out to be inaccurate – as police reportedly have an abundance of evidence pointing to the fact that Parker killed both his wife and the alleged “intruder.”

Parker’s attorney Dave Fedor has consistently maintained that his client is innocent and was acting in self-defense, however those familiar with the investigation say that he killed his wife for the insurance money (an estimated $1 million) and killed Capnerhurst with the twin motives of framing him for the first murder and relieving himself of the obligation of repaying a $21,000 gambling debt.