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Dear Editor,

Much of import has happened while you were on vacation. For example, as the attached copy of Chief Justice Jean Toal’s letter to the South Carolina Clerks of Court shows, rule to show cause in S.C. Department of Soscial Services (DSS) child support enforcement cases have been suspended by order of the Supreme Court. Additionally, as the attached Settlement Agreement from Greenville indicates, the director of SCDSS’s child support enforcement division still doesn’t understand his job.

It appears that more and more custodial parents in South Carolina are going to go without child support. Unfortunately, it also appears that South Carolina may have run afoul of the mandates set forth in Turner v. Rogers. Additionally, we remain the only State that lacks the federally mandated computerized child support tracking and collection system. And we are also the only state that has not enacted a New Hire Reporting Statute that complies with Federal Law.

“South Carolina, where we lock you up even if you can’t pay, because it takes too much effort to find those who can pay.”

Changing the subject slightly, if the Family Courts can no longer process SCDSS Child Support Cases, the Family Courts and the County Sheriffs are going to lose an extraordinary amount of revenue related to fines, canteen fees, toll charges, etc. Nobody knows how much that is because there is no statewide monitoring system in place.

Dan Norfleet
Charleston, S.C.

SCDSS v Charping settlement.pdf
June 27 suspension of DSS child support rules.pdf