S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley’s teenage daughter has been hired by the S.C. Department of Parks Recreation and Tourism (SCPRT) to work in the gift shop of the South Carolina State House, multiple sources have confirmed to FITS — making her the latest member of the governor’s family to earn a paycheck at the taxpayer’s expense.

Rena Haley, 14, was hired earlier this summer by the agency — which is part of Haley’s cabinet. She will reportedly work an estimated thirty hours per week at the gift shop. In fact many of the gift shop’s current staff have been forced to cut back on their hours to accomodate the schedule for Haley’s daughter.

Sources tell FITS that the directive to hire Haley’s daughter came directly from SCPRT director Duane Parrish – who previously hired the wife of Haley’s chief of staff to an “up to $50,000 a year” part-time position within the agency.

Parrish has been on the receiving end of criticism recently for his failure to deliver on back-to-back promises of “double-digit growth” in our state’s tourism industry — as well as a recent taxpayer-funded trip to England for Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee celebration.

Rena Haley becomes the third member of the governor’s immediate family to get a government-funded job. Haley is paid $106,078 a year (not counting benefits) in her role, while her husband Michael is a “diversity officer” with the South Carolina National Guard who made more than $65,000 a year (not counting benefits) the last time we checked.

In addition to her immediate family, Haley’s brother-in-law Gunjit Singh was hired last summer by the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) as a “clinical assistant professor” in the school’s college of dental medicine.

Rena Haley has been in the news once before — when her mother falsely posted on Facebook that she had won a middle school beauty pageant (Rena Haley was first runner-up in the pageant).

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