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A Midlands, S.C. school district is being sued after its students were forced to participate in a prayer at a high school graduation ceremony.

The lawsuit – filed in U.S. District Court by district students (and the Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation) – stems from a prayer that was offered last month during a graduation ceremony at Irmo High School, located in a suburb of Columbia, S.C. Earlier this week, district officials went into executive session to discuss the lawsuit – as well as the district’s asinine policy of permitting prayer at public events if a majority of students support it.

Seriously … whose bright idea was that?

“Let’s let the kids decide” is not only a Pontius Pilate-style abdication of accountability … it’s a recipe for lawsuits like this one.

The ongoing prayer in school drama is yet another example of a misplaced debate in our society. It’s not that we think public schools should or shouldn’t be in the business of regulating prayer – we don’t think government shouldn’t be in the education business in the first place.

Seriously … how has this experiment worked out for us as a society? Particularly here in South Carolina?

Anyway, until our leaders realize that the private sector would provide much better academic outcomes for larger numbers of students (i.e. the stated purpose of public education), then we will continue to see ridiculous lawsuits like this one.