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S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley is defending her husband Michael’s recent comment implying that American soldiers died so his wife could get a vote on a watered-down piece of government restructuring legislation … or something like that.

Not long after the S.C. Senate failed to vote on Haley’s signature “reform,” Michael Haley posted a comment on his Facebook page talking about how soliders “died fighting for our freedoms” and yet “we have cowards who are afraid to take a vote in the (S)enate.”

(Nikki Haley has been known to post comments under her husband’s name on Facebook, incidentally).

Whichever Haley made the comment, it infuriated lawmakers – particularly S.C. Sen. Phil Leventis, a former fighter pilot.

“What I hope people will do is put themselves in our shoes,” Haley fired back this week. “What you saw was a husband who has watched his wife for years try to move this state forward. And what he saw that day was the establishment stop a two-year tax-funded initiative that would make South Carolina better.”

First of all, Haley’s bill in no way, shape or form was going to “make South Carolina better” – just ask the leading fiscal conservative in the State Senate.

“I’d rather pass nothing,” S.C. Sen. Tom Davis (R-Beaufort) said of the deal struck between House and Senate negotiators. “This gives the illusion of doing something and will only serve to put off real reform for decades.”

We agree completely. Haley’s bill would have actually grown government and further splintered accountability (i.e. the exact opposite of what restructuring is supposed to do).

Anyway … Haley wasn’t done standing by her man.

“What made it worse was we walked in that morning – and he was on military training in Texas, he’d been there two weeks – he knew how important that day was to me, to my staff, to the state, to the country that was watching on whether we were going to get restructuring,” she continued.

Wait … what? The whole country was watching to see if Haley passed a totally worthless piece of legislation?

What planet is this chick on?

It gets better …

“You tell me how a husband, who just lost three of his fellow members in the military, who had just had dinner the night before with a double amputee who’s been in therapy for two years is supposed to feel when he ses that kind of action,” Haley added.

Sheesh …

Let’s be clear about something: Michael Haley is not a member of the military. He’s a”diversity officer” with the South Carolina National Guard – meaning he sits at a desk stateside making sure that a bunch of people who also sit at desks stateside are sufficiently diverse. And while he may not be embarrassed to wear a uniform in public … we’re embarrassed for him.

Comparing him to a soldier on the front lines?

That’s rich …

Maybe if her husband was a double amputee himself (and not just some douchebag who had dinner with one) then he might have more of a right to make comments like this.