The economy may be sputtering (again), but a new Bloomberg poll shows incumbent Barack Obama enjoying a commanding thirteen-point lead over Republican nominee Mitt Romney.

What gives? We’re not sure … we were under the impression that the former Massachusetts governor was benefiting from Obama’s recent struggles.

Not according to the Bloomberg poll– which shows Obama leading Romney by a whopping 53-40 percent margin. The poll – which surveyed 734 likely voters nationwide between June 15-18 and claims to have a margin of error of 3.6 percent – drew immediate skepticism from politicos of both parties.

In fact one other pollster dismissed it as a “statistical outlier.”

Certainly the 13-point spread indicated by the Bloomberg poll differs dramatically with the results of other recent polls – all of which show Romney enjoying a slim lead over Obama (or vice versa). For example Rasmussen and Gallup‘s latest tracking polls – which featured much larger sample sizes – both showed Romney ahead of Obama by a 47-45 percent margin. Meanwhile a pair of surveys taken earlier this month showed Obama ahead of Romney by a single percentage point.

Obviously national polls mean absolutely nothing in presidential politics because a candidate can win the popular vote and still lose the White House (ask Al Gore). What matters are swing states like Florida, Iowa, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia and Wisconsin.

Romney and Obama are currently running neck-and-neck in most of those states. In fact new polling from Michigan and Iowa shows both candidates running within the margin of error in those states.

Again, we see very little difference between one “Obamney” and the other … and are encouraging our readers to look outside the failed two-party system for a candidate who better reflects the fiscal conservative, socially libertarian views that most Americans claim to hold.

Pic: via Daylife