rand paul

rand paul


The Libertarian Party slammed U.S. Sen. Rand Paul for his endorsement of former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, saying that the Tea Party leader had “no excuse” for throwing his support behind the Republican establishment’s standard-bearer.

“No true libertarian, no true friend of liberty, and no true blue Tea Partier could possibly even consider, much less actually endorse or approve of, the Father of Obamacare, Big Government tax and spender, Republican Mitt Romney,” the party said in a statement released late last week.

The statement also accused Paul of “betray(ing) his father’s principles,” referring to U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, whose 2012 presidential candidacy this website enthusiastically endorsed.

Good for them … we wholeheartedly concur, which is why we blasted Paul as well.

In fact, if there is one thing we hate more than fiscal liberals who spend gobs of money and “Republicans” who spend gobs of money, it’s “Tea Party” politicians who refuse to hold both of these groups accountable (effectively assigning the imprimatur of reform onto those who do not deserve it).

Stand on principle or, with all due respect, get the fuck off of the podium.

Otherwise we wind up with competing narratives, not a real choice.

Pic: via Daylife