When she’s not dropping the ax of doom on employees at the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC), new director Catherine Templeton reportedly stays holed up in a glorified shed at her agency’s Charleston office with a bunch of Venn diagrams and flow charts.

Presumably plotting where the ax will fall next …

That’s fine with us. In fact that sort of eclectic, cost-cutting behavior has endeared Templeton to us somewhat … although we’ll be blunt: Until she makes major, non-cosmetic cuts at her agency (and until the S.C. General Assembly finds a way to send these “savings” back to the taxpayers) we’ll remain critics.

Anyway, according to the SC Jobs Portal Page – which is where the unwashed masses go to look at job postings that will later be awarded to lawmakers’ relatives¬†and other politically connected types – Templeton is desperately seeking a “Director of Media Relations” at SCDHEC. In fact she’s willing to pay that person up to $101,000 a year (not counting benefits).

This listing – which opened on June 6 – conveniently closes at the end of this week (the minimum amount of time that such a position is required to be publicly posted).

Translation? Templeton has already decided who her new spin doctor is going to be … (cue S.C. Senator Joel Lourie’s impotent rage) … and possibly already placed his or her name on one of her Manning charts.

As noted previously, we’re not begrudging Templeton for wanting to bring in her own people (even when they’re Nikki Haley’s people). That’s what executive accountability is all about – hiring people and then holding them accountable for their performance.

Hopefully Templeton will err toward the lower end of the salary range for her new spinmeister, although we can only surmise that if she’s got someone in mind for the post already (which she clearly does) that she’s probably already offered quoted them a price.

Guess we’ll find out soon …