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Former S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford allegedly trashed a hotel room in Alabama and demonstrated “odd” behavior while appearing at a 2009 GOP dinner in the “Heart of Dixie,” a new political memoir suggests. In the book Storming The State House, written by Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard, Alabama GOP operatives claimed that Sanford made a royal mess of his hotel room.

“Upon entering the room, they found the cushions had been removed from the furniture and scattered around the room, some as if thrown and others as if arranged methodically,” Hubbard writes in the book. “Other pieces of furniture had been placed on the hotel’s balcony.”

Hubbard’s book also references Sanford sneaking off from a GOP dinner on multiple occasions to talk on his cell phone.

The excerpts were first published by The Daily Caller.

Having shared a hotel room with Sanford on numerous occasions, this website’s founding editor Will Folks (Sanford’s former spokesman) can certainly attest to the fact that he exhibited “strange” behavior while traveling as the book suggests.

“He exhibited strange behavior when he wasn’t traveling, too,” Folks said. “He’s a quirky dude.”

In fact Sic’s own forthcoming book details several amusing anecdotes from trips he took with Sanford to West Virginia, Wisconsin and several other states. According to these excerpts, Sanford repeatedly turned down upscale private rooms (and would-be “companions” to share those rooms with) in an effort to maintain his legendary frugality. And far from indulging in bad behavior, rooming with Sanford was one step removed from rooming with one’s parents.

“I can’t speak to his habits when he traveled alone but when he was with staff he was a total buzz kill,” Folks explained. “Rooming with him was painful. Not only did it mean you weren’t getting laid, it invariably meant that you were going to be roused from sleep at five in the morning so the governor could discuss something he just watched on C-SPAN.”

But what’s up with the pillows?

“Most of that was due to his bad back,” Folks explains. “He was always trying to figure out a way to position himself so that his back didn’t hurt him. I guess his Latin lover fixed that for him.”

Indeed, Sanford is reportedly free from back pain for the first time in many years, which one psychologist suggested to us was the result of “no longer internalizing the stress of his secret life.”

Anyway, while Hubbard’s book certainly paints an interesting picture … the reality (at least according to what our founding editor saw) is likely far less dramatic.