S.C. Rep. Ted Vick’s arrest this week is already being referred to as a “grand slam” of scandals given the numerous juicy components it involves.

First, the  Democratic Congressional candidate was speeding. Second, he was (allegedly) drunk. Third, he was carrying a firearm for which he did not have a valid permit. Fourth (and perhaps most problematic), he had a 21-year-old female in the car with him when he was pulled over less than three quarters of a mile from his Columbia, S.C. apartment.

All of that is obviously bad, bad news for any politician … but it’s even worse for Vick, a married part-time pastor who has campaigned on his commitment to “traditional southern family values.”

Vick’s response to all of this?

“I very much regret any embarrassment I’ve caused for my family, friends and supporters,” the 39-year-old lawmaker said in a statement. “My family comes first to me and I’m going to spend time with them and consult with my pastor. Politics will have to wait.”

But what prompted this embarrassment?

Clearly, Vick deserves considerable (if not exclusive) blame for the circumstances which led to him being pulled over by Columbia, S.C. police on Wednesday evening. He had been drinking in a bar located in the heart of Columbia, S.C.’s college nightlife district, he was speeding, he failed to renew his concealed weapons permit and he had a young woman in his car at the time of the incident.

None of that is up for debate …

But were there other factors at play?

Specifically, how did the former University of South Carolina student wind up in Vick’s car? Who introduced the two of them?

Multiple Democratic sources tell FITS that they are convinced Vick was set up … in fact they’ve already got a prime suspect and a list of alleged accomplices.

Their argument? That Vick – who is viewed as a moderate Democrat – was poised to present Republicans with a credible, well-funded challenger in the event he captured his party’s nomination for the state’s newly drawn seventh congressional district (which is viewed as the Palmetto State’s only “swing district”).

Translation? Republicans had a motive to set him up … as well as the opportunity to do so.

Not only that, these Democrats claim that a “ranking SCGOP official” was present with Vick at the time of the incident and may have even introduced him to Sunny Sain, the woman in the car with him at the time of the incident.

Other sources say that Vick was set up by fellow Democrats.

So far, neither Vick nor his attorney – Pete Strom – have responded to these rumors. In fact one sources close to Vick said the embattled lawmaker doesn’t believe that the “ranking SCGOP official” had anything to do with the incident – although they acknowledged that there were several “curious factors” related to the arrest.

Nonetheless, FITS is digging into the allegation … and we’ll keep our readers posted as to what we find.

UPDATED: Looks like it doesn’t matter … Vick has decided to drop out of the race for the U.S. Congress.