S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley is using a labor leader’s attack on her piñata effigy to raise campaign funds …

Former AFL-CIO of South Carolina president Donna DeWitt attacked a piñata effigy of S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley over the weekend … an incident that made its way to YouTube and prompted a furious effort by Big Labor to try and remove the video from the internet.

Anyway, here’s Haley’s pitch …

Dear Friend,

Yesterday a disturbing video was released of the South Carolina AFL-CIO President taking a swing at a piñata with my image on it. Please take a moment to watch the video here.

We’re for civility in politics, the kind of civility President Obama has called for many times both before and since his inauguration.

His allies in Big Labor are obviously not. They have tried to bully South Carolina businesses with Boeing and the NLRB, they have tried to silence me through frivolous lawsuits, and now this.

What is just as disturbing is the double standard in the mainstream media. Can you imagine the outrage if this was a Tea Party activist and the piñata had President Obama’s image on it?  It would not be right in those circumstances, and it is not right now. Enough is enough.

The good news is Big Labor is not representative of South Carolina – we have good people, and this is an isolated incident. This video no more represents the people of our state than union bosses represent our workers.

But we can’t let these kind of things define our state – we have to fight back.

Will you stand with me by making a contribution of $250, $100, or even $50 now to show Big Labor that we will not stand for their bullying?

Thank you again for your continued support and prayers!

My very best,


P.S.- Make a donation of $50 today to help us stand against Liberal union attacks. Donate here!

Damn …

That’s pretty good. In fact, if we weren’t intimately familiar (and we mean intimately) with what a total fraud and hypocrite Haley is, we might be inclined to cut her a check based on that appeal.

Anyway, we wrote earlier this week that attacks like this are right up Haley’s alley … and it looks like she’s laughing all the way to the bank.