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This website has made no secret of our respect for former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson … or of our contempt for the establishment that has chosen to ignore his candidacy.

“Like Ron Paul, Johnson is a bona fide limited government guy – meaning he embodies everything the Republican party claims to stand for,” we wrote last September while Johnson was still seeking the GOP nomination. “While in office, the former two-term governor used his veto pen more than the rest of the nation’s 49 governors … combined. What did he use it for? To block tax hikes, slash government growth in half and eliminate his state’s budget deficit.”

An aggressive supporter of universal parental choice and a outspoken critic of America’s failed “War on Drugs,” Johnson is exactly the sort of principled, articulate advocate for limited government that the 2012 presidential debate needs … which is precisely why the unprincipled purveyors of our nation’s debt-addled “bipartisanshit” will never allow him to participate in that debate.

Anyway Johnson – now the Libertarian Party’s nominee for president – has captured the epic (and ongoing) failure of both major political parties with a thought provoking new ad involving … wait for it … an exploding watermelon.

Take a look …

Is that awesome or what?

“See the watermelon … be the watermelon.”

“Democrats and Republicans are equally to blame for our nation’s ills,” Johnson’s campaign noted in a release accompanying the ad. “Can we really expect the very people causing all the trouble to solve the problem? There is a third choice for President in 2012. Governor Gary Johnson isn’t running for President. He’s running for liberty.”

This website enthusiastically endorsed Ron Paul’s 2012 presidential candidacy … and we’re hoping he can continue to wreak major havoc during the GOP nominating process. In the meantime, though, we’re starting to take a much closer look at Johnson’s candidacy … and the more we see, the more we like.

One thing is sure, we will not vote for a tax-hiking, socialized medicine-loving crony capitalist … whether that candidate is running as a Democrat or a “Republican.”