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Let’s assume that former S.C. Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer manages to hang on and capture the Republican nomination for the Palmetto State’s new seventh congressional district seat. Perish the thought … we know. But assuming he wins the GOP nod, Bauer would have the general election for this seat pretty much wrapped up, right?


In fact if Bauer wins the GOP nomination, there’s a good chance that the seventh district – already viewed as a toss-up race – might actually move into the “lean Democratic” column.

Wait … this is still South Carolina, right? A “Republican” stronghold? Yes … but this district was specifically drawn for a moderate (read: fiscally liberal) Republican. And while Bauer’s record clearly fits that bill, he comes with all sorts of baggage …

“They don’t have a strong field,” one veteran Democratic operative told FITS. “The Democrats have a great shot if they nominate the right person – someone who fits the district and can get crossover appeal.”

But what about Bauer? Isn’t he the guy Democrats want to campaign against come November?

“Other than the ‘R’ behind their names, there’s not one of them that worries us,” the operative said.

So … did you read between the lines there? Democrats – even granted the opportunity to speak anonymously – aren’t going to say or do anything to give away their giddiness at the prospect of facing a vulnerable candidate like Bauer in a swing district like the seventh.