The S.C. State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) could be facing a major scandal after one of its undercover agents reportedly destroyed a touchscreen video machine in Greenwood, S.C.

The incident occurred last week at Sports Break – a local billiards grill and bar.

What prompted this violent outburst? According to witnesses, the owner of the establishment where the machine is located refused to give the SLED agent a cash payout – which would have been illegal under the state’s video poker ban. The agent was offered a gift certificate instead (technically a legal payout) – but refused.

That’s when all hell is said to have broken loose …

Not long after being denied his ‘money’ seven SLED agents came marching into the restaurant in single file,” one witness tells FITS. “They immediately surrounded the one video machine. For an hour, they protected those inside from the machine. The last time anyone could see, one agent was engaged in some type of physical altercation with the machine. He could be seen with his crow bar attempting to subdue the machine.”

Numerous other witnesses confirmed this account, although some indicated that members of the Greenwood, S.C. police department were also involved in the raid.

One Sports Break employee estimated that as many as a dozen law enforcement agents entered the private club – and that two machines were destroyed.

“They busted them wide open,” the employee said. “Then they took them right out of the front door during the middle of lunch.”

Sports Break doesn’t own the machines, an independent gaming company does. In fact that company reportedly has an order from a judge attesting to their legality. Not only that, nearby businesses featuring the same machines are continuing to operate them.

Video poker machines were outlawed in 2000 when the S.C. Supreme Court blocked a referendum that would have given Palmetto State residents the right to vote on their legality – of course that doesn’t mean they’re gone.

Numerous video poker parlors are still in operation (there are reportedly dozens of them in Lexington County, S.C.), while machines that offer “alternative payouts” are operating all over the state.

Stay tuned for more information as FITS continues our investigation into this incident …