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Welcome to “the wire,” our pseudo-daily effort to engage reader tips, comments and questions in our own inimitable way. While we continue perfecting this new format, please keep your tips, comments and questions coming!

Also be sure and check back during the day as we occasionally add new items to the mix.

To the wire!


COMMENT: How dare you print the name of the victim in the John Hawkins rape case. You should be ashamed of yourself.

FITS: We’re a website. We didn’t “print” anything. Anyway public documents are what they are … and say what they say.



COMMENT: I hope you have proof of what you say or else John Hawkins will own your ass.

FITS: We will be publishing the documents we obtained related to the Hawkins rape case soon.



COMMENT: The Spartanburg Herald-Journal is a piece of shit, and they have been bought and sold and have shit for staff and an editor and were always afraid of Hawkins and his family, as well as the lawyers who repped him. Ben Harrison is still active and powerful in the area but Noel Turner died last year.  You know how this small town crap works.  The story needs to be brought up as much as possible because it matters, and I’m glad you did it.

FITS: Thank you …



COMMENT: Is anybody going to do anything about this scandal or is it going to be swept under the rug like everything else in SC politics?

FITS: There’s a veritable Mount Everest of stuff swept “under the rug” in this state, isn’t there? Let’s hope somebody at least attempts to hold Courson accountable.



TIP: Tuesday is the legislature’s “cross over” deadline, and I want to remind you of my e-mail to you on Thursday with the subject, “Leventis Ethics Question.”

Leventis should be lampooned all day and inspired to remove his objection to the legislation introduced by Mike Rose that will close the loophole that WILL ALLOW LEVENTIS TO NOT FILE A STATEMENT OF ECONOMIC INTEREST FOR THIS, HIS LAST YEAR.

If that bill, S. 1353, is not removed from the contested calendar by Leventis, then Leventis wins and a good ethics-related bill goes down the tubes.

That is, South Carolina loses.

FITS: We concur. Thank God Leventis’ days in the S.C. Senate are numbered. Unfortunately, there seems to be little appetite among “Republicans” in the State Senate to push for anything that holds them even remotely accountable.



COMMENT: Will, your vendetta against CSOL is getting old. Instead of digging up dirt you should be promoting the institution as a private sector alternative to the USC law school.

FITS: Digging up dirt? We reported the school’s bar exam results, which sucked. If you want us to stop picking on the school, tell its graduates to do a better job on the friggin’ bar exam. As for the USC law school, we pick on them too.



TIP: Paywalls don’t make sense for newspapers.  This article even questions the ethics of it.  Good read I thought you’d enjoy …

FITS: Thanks for passing along! The new marketplace of ideas is an incredibly complex, confusing place. Neat to see this particular take on it.



TIP: No coverage of this?

FITS: Good point … we can’t get to everything but that certainly seems like something that’s worth writing about.



TIP: You should do some digging and submit FOIAs to SCDHEC on Wanda Crotwell. She did not resign, she was fired.

FITS: We’ve heard this from several sources, actually. We’re on it …



TIP: Take a very good look at Ted Vick and his inner circle you will see that he is accompanied by Mrs. Safrona Finch. She is handling his ground efforts in Cheraw at the law office of Mr. Jay Hodge.  These names should ring a bell – she is also the new administrator of Mercy Ministries which was under federal investigation along with Mr. Hodge , and also Mr. Matt Rivers, Chesterfield County council chairman and a criminal lawyer also from Cheraw. Rivers gets all of the gravy deals with the solicitors office. Come down our way and look into Mr. Vick and his connections. You will find him not to be who he says he is.

FITS: A politician not “who he says he is?” Color us shocked. Having said that, Vick’s congressional bid does seem like a good opportunity to revisit his proximity to the Hodge scandal, which rocked the Pee Dee back in the spring of 2009. Certainly any connection between Vick’s campaign and anyone associated with Mercy Ministries could be prime fodder for Vick’s opponents.



TIP: You should have recently been provided with damning documents pertaining to the unethical and illegal activities of Senator Jake Knotts.

FITS: We did receive the documents. Thank you. We are examining them now and attempting to verify the information contained therein.



COMMENT: Chris Cillizza disagrees with your take on Obama’s ad taking credit for Osama bin Laden – citing Bush as precedent.

From his story:

“Remember that President George W. Bush stoked considerable controversy when just one day after formally announcing for reelection, he launched TV ads that prominently featured imagery from Sept. 11, 2001.”

FITS: Good point … Bush did a lot of stupid things that Obama has taken to the next level.



Despite Governor Nathan Deal’s asseritons as set forth in this article, information available here indicates that Georgia has elected not to pay for the cost of dredging an extra foot.

Dan Norfleet
Charleston, S.C.

FITS: Hmmmm … interesting, Dan. Oh well …we’re sure that whenever Georgia needs something, our governor will be at their beck and call.



QUESTION: Not so much a tip as it is a question about SC implementing provisions of Agenda 21 in upcoming legislation. The following article claims provisions of the bill H.3604 mirror those Agenda 21.

Reality is increasingly difficult to discern. That said, SC is well advised to steer clear of any involvement with the implementation of the UN’s Agenda 21 no matter how noble the cause.

FITS: Interesting … thanks for passing along. We will take a look at it.



TIP: We have been proudly displaying Lee Bright’s signs for re-election. We had a large billboard sign on our property along Hwy. 296. We even cleaned up the roadside area to better display this sign but someone stole it this week-end and even took one of the posts. I suppose the competition goes to extremes sometimes. It is very obvious it was stolen with the sign and one of the posts missing.

FITS: Wow. It would appear as though John Hawkins supporters are as classy as he is.


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