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That didn’t take long …

Just as Rick James didn’t – then did – grind his feet on Eddie Murphy’s couch (and just as Nikki Haley didn’t – then did – have a password for a fraudulent job application she submitted to a former employer); Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney didn’t – then did – have a vice presidential short list.

All in the wink of a dolphin …

“Everybody is on my list,”Romney said when asked whether former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum was on his list. “Everybody is on my list. I’m not taking anybody off the list, alright?”

Okay … fair enough.

Mere seconds later, though, Romney backtracked.

“I actually don’t, I don’t have a list, yet,” he said. “So I can’t say someone is on or off my list.”

Sheesh … that was the quickest Etch A Sketch reset we’ve seen (so far) from Romney, whose insta-flips are every bit as common as his fundamental ideological U-turns.

Now … onto the question our readers are focused on … is Haley on Romney’s list?

Well she wasn’t a few months ago … but that was before she embarked on a wildly successful self-promotional tour last week.

The scandal-scarred first-term chief executive failed to deliver South Carolina for presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney – and then bailed on Romney’s election night party when it became clear he was getting shellacked – but she is a minority with a vagina (two things the GOP helmet party is craving in a big way right about now).

Oh … and the rest of the country still thinks she’s a “conservative.”

What do you think? Should Haley be on Romney’s short list? And more importantly … will she? Vote in our polls and post your thoughts in our comments section below …