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As S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley’s national profile kicks up a notch with the recent release of her new book, former SCGOP chairwoman Karen Floyd is reinforcing a comparison that’s been drawn between South Carolina’s scandal-scarred first term governor and former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher.

Wait … what? “Trikki Nikki” and the “Iron Lady?” Appearing in the same sentence?

We wish we were kidding …

The “Haley as Thatcher” theory – first promoted by Erick Erickson of – was invoked by Floyd in a piece for National Review Online that plays … wait for it … the mother of all gender cards (a.k.a. Floyd’s specialty).

“Do women in politics set themselves up to be attacked, or are women in politics attacked because they can be — because it is considered acceptable?” Floyd ponders.

Eventually, Floyd leans toward the latter option, arguing that women in politics are attacked because “they seem especially tempting targets, because it is considered acceptable, because no one speaks out.”

And who is to blame for this sad situation (well, aside from this website’s founding editor)?

You are …

“To a certain extent we – the public – are all complicit in the personal destruction of our public figures,” Floyd writes. “For whatever reason, we do not hold the liars accountable. We read and discuss their lies, thus empowering them. Then sometimes, on rare occasions, an apology is quietly issued – as if to say, ‘Oops, I am sorry I maligned you, your reputation, your position’ – and that quiet apology somehow is supposed to make it all right.”

Hmmm-kay …

“Why is this behavior tolerated, and where are the governor’s defenders?” Floyd asks. “If allegations continue to be leveled against her, we should demand proof. If none is forthcoming, then we must stop listening. Every minute, hour, or day spent focusing on the conjecture of those wishing to destroy a public figure is wasted time. We share in that responsibility.”

Hear that, S.C. House of Representatives? This broadside isn’t really about elevating Haley’s national profile by reinforcing the ridiculous Margaret Thatcher comparisons, is it? Of course not. It’s about the pending ethics trial that Haley is staring down … and the very real, substantive allegations of misconduct that have been leveled against her.

But pay no attention to any of that … because according to Floyd, Haley is a victim of gender-based political assassination.