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Popslut heiress Paris Hilton is 31 years old now … which is like 90 in vapid years.

But she’ll always be famous, right … right?

Maybe, maybe not …

Hilton, who was in Australia this week for the opening of a new nightclub, was asked by a local television correspondent what life would be like when she wasn’t famous anymore. She responded by saying (reasonably enough) that she “wants to be able to have children and have a normal life with my kids,” however that wasn’t her “final answer.”

Furious over the implication that a day might come at which point the known universe didn’t revolve around images of her tan lines (impressive though they may be), Hilton not only banned the reporter from the nightclub premier – she vowed to never grant her another interview.

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Paris, Paris … why so touchy?

Don’t you know that we live in a world where dumber-than-dirt, richer-than-God bitches such as yourself can prance around in swimwear well into their sixties and stay famous?

And seriously … if you don’t like this local station’s coverage you can always buy it, right?

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Pics: Splash News