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U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) – a division of the Department of Homeland Security – arrested more than 3,000 criminal and fugitive immigrants last week as part of a sting dating back to last May.

Amazing, isn’t it? We have a confirmed report of the federal government actually enforcing its immigration laws (which by the way are a core function of government).

The only problem? There are more than 12 million illegal immigrants currently residing in the United States … meaning last week’s sting netted a whopping 0.02 percent of the nation’s illegal alien population.

“Go team,” right?

Anyway, while ICE “enforces” the law (and while the U.S. Supreme Court debates it),  U.S. President Barack Obama and left-leaning Senators like Lindsey Graham are busy trying to create a “path to citizenship” for our illegal alien population. Presumably because that’s easier than deporting them … which is so “mean.”

We don’t thump our chest on the immigration issue like a lot of South Carolina “Republicans,” and frankly we don’t believe that it is up to the state to enforce these laws. Sadly, our state’s leaders disagree – although their legislative remedy is more about penalizing local businesses than actually deporting anyone (which, again, they lack the authority to do).

We’ve outlined our immigration policy previously …

1) Build a wall
2) Throw illegal immigrants on the other side of it
3) Repeat as needed

Absent endorsing our plan, we’d just assume “Republicans” (especially state-level politicians) stop pandering on the issue. Especially when that pandering shifts the onus – and the fiscal burden – on South Carolina businesses.