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Posting will be light here on FITS over the next few days as our founding editor heads to sunny Florida for the 2012 Great Santini Fantasy Baseball League draft.

That’s right … Will Folks (a.k.a. Sic Willie) devotes an entire weekend each year to assembling his world famous fantasy baseball team, the FITS Lollygaggers (who haven’t so much as sniffed a league championship in five years).

How well are his travel plans going over with the lovely Mrs. Sic? Um … yeah. About as well as you might suspect …

Anyway, after the draft (which invariably involves prolonged exposure to high levels of  “stripper musk”) Sic devotes the next few days to conducting imaginary interviews with sports babes like Erin Andrews and that sneaky hot redhead on ESPN who was dissecting future Indianapolis Colts’ quarterback Andrew Luck’s workout earlier this week.

“Hey how you?”

To keep tabs on Sic this weekend be sure to follow his Twitter page (here) and Facebook feeds (here and here) … which he will no doubt be updating with breaking political news (as well as any draft-related debauchery).

And of course he will still be checking messages as well as our tip line … so keep those cards and letters coming.