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S.C. Sen. Billy O’Dell – a party-switching fiscal liberal whose ideological allegiance to our state’s failed status quo is emblematic of “Republican” rule in South Carolina – is getting slammed by the S.C. Club for Growth in a new web video.

In addition to his support for soaring budgets and stimulus funding, the ad slams O’Dell for backing the infamous “Green Bean Museum,” a 2007

“Why would a Republican vote for higher budgets, green bean museums and an unfunded ineffective big government economic plan?” S.C. Club for Growth executive director Philip Cease asks in this email. “Because he was a Democrat for 65 years. Senator O’Dell may have changed parties, but hasn’t changed how he votes.”

Indeed … as we’ve noted on numerous previous occasions, the S.C. General Assembly is littered with former Democrats posing as Republicans (including State Senators Hugh Leatherman, Larry Martin and Luke Rankin).

Yet sadly, GOP voters have chosen to keep these party-switchers in place despite their support for higher taxes, record spending, government-run monopolies and our state’s dysfunctional form of government.

Hopefully this will be the year that changes, but we’re not holding our breath …