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Dear concerned South Carolinian,

Have you ever heard the phrase “a wolf in sheep’s clothing”? It’s a phrase that means there is more to someone than meets the eye.

Did you know that there is a wolf in sheep’s clothing representing you? For years, Senator Billy O’Dell has been saying one thing at home, but doing another in Columbia.

Senator O’Dell voted for a $3 million increase in the Senate’s budget, at a time when teachers and police officers were losing their jobs. He was in favor of spending almost $1 million of your dollars on a “Green Bean Museum”. Senator O’Dell even voted to take $700 million from the Obama Stimulus plan. $700 million that taxpayers did not have and our children are responsible for.

Why would a Republican vote for higher budgets, green bean museums and an unfunded ineffective big government economic plan? Because he was a Democrat for 65 years. Senator O’Dell may have changed parties, but hasn’t changed how he votes.

Please watch the short video below to see how Senator O’Dell hasn’t really switched parties, and still votes with the Democrats in the Senate.

It’s time to hold elected officials accountable for their actions.

Let’s get to work.

Phillip Cease
Executive Director

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