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While Amazon users have had a field day tagging S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley’s forthcoming memoir (and Haley has scheduled a rather curious book signing stop), we haven’t had much to say about the governor’s initial foray into fictional autobiographies. After all, our founding editor is too busy writing his own book.

Anyway, now that Haley is leaking advance copies of her manuscript to the national media, we figured it was time to start having a little bit of fun with it. Accordingly, here are a few rejected titles of Haley’s book … Enjoy!

How To Lose Friends and Not Influence the “First in the South” Presidential Primary

The Ups And Downs Of Being Governor of Georgia … Err, South Carolina

Can’t Is Not An Option: Unless It Was Anal, Because Sic’s Willie Was Way Too Big

I Know The Value Of  A Dollar: Unless We’re Talking About My Tax Plan

100 Percent Faithful: A Guide To Gubernatorial Swinging

Transparently Opaque: Just Press The Delete Button!

Being A Minority Governor: Wait … My Voter Registration Says I’m White, Doesn’t It?

The Trikki Whorely Story: Closed Government, Open Thighs

It’s A Great Day in South Carolina … Assuming I Get My Taxpayer-Funded Wine Cellar

Nikki Haley: Because 690,525 South Carolinians Can’t Be Wrong!

Hey … In Case You Haven’t Noticed I Really Want To Be President

Now it’s your turn!

Post your rejected Nikki Haley book title in the comments section below …