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Not that it matters, but here’s further photographic proof that S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley’s daughter, Rena Haley, did not win “first place” in her middle school beauty pageant – as the governor claimed on Facebook earlier this month.

This picture of Haley and her family taken after the pageant (but prior to Haley’s erroneous Facebook posting) clearly shows the governor’s daughter winning “1st Runner Up.” Haley never publicly released this photo – nor did her husband, Michael Haley. It was “tagged” on Michael Haley’s Facebook page over the weekend by Emily Brandenburg, who works for the First Family at the S.C. Governor’s  Mansion.

Haley took to her Facebook page earlier this month to provide a present-day corollary to her “Little Miss Bamberg” story – one of the more compelling anecdotes from her forthcoming memoir.

“Years ago I was disqualified from a pageant because they didn’t know whether to put me in the white category or the black. I was neither,” Haley wrote. “Tonight I watched my daughter get first place in her school pageant. God has an amazing way of bringing things full circle.”

Haley’s entry prompted a flood of praise from her loyal fans – but it also prompted one Facebook user to question whether Haley was telling the truth.

“Congratulations to your daughter, but at the pageant I attended last night, Graci Conner won first place for the 8th grade and your daughter won second place and Alex Sprang was third,” Terri Hartley of Lexington, S.C. wrote.

FITS previously posted photos of Connor winning the pageant – and Lexington Middle School has since confirmed our original report by releasing the results of the competition.

Haley is reportedly blaming the error on Zach Pippin, who handles her social media efforts.