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Who is Lauren Stoner?

That’s a good question …

She has no Wikipedia page, which momentarily caused a short circuit in our founding editor’s hard wiring (biddy biddy biddy … does not compute … biddy biddy biddy). Oh well .. maybe she’ll be in the next edition of Encyclopaedia Brittanica.

What we’ve been able to gather from Google is that Stoner is 27 years old, a Virginia native and the one-time romantic interest of Transformers (cough) director Michael Bay. She’s “famous” for her role in The Spin Crowd, which is a reality show based on … you know what … we’re just gonna stop right there.

More to the point, Stoner hit the beach in Miami earlier this week in a tight red two piece – which included one piece that was later taken off.

That reminds us, in addition to being all for freedom and free markets around here … we’re also in favor of nude sunbathing. A lot.


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Pics: Splash News