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What’s worse than a “deal with the devil?”

A “deal with the dolphin” (a.k.a. flip-flopping former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney).

Lamentably, rumors that U.S. Rep. Ron Paul is planning to cut a deal with the GOP frontrunner continue to pick up steam.

“Paul’s campaign has sent discreet signals to Camp Romney that the keys to Paul’s shop can be had for the right price,” reports Time‘s Alex Altman.

That price?

“Four legislative priorities would top the Texas Representative’s wish list: deep spending cuts that lead to a balanced budget; the restoration of civil liberties; a commitment to reclaim the legislative branch’s right to declare war, which it abdicated to the executive branch in recent decades; and reforms that shore up the U.S. monetary system, such an audit of the Federal Reserve or competing-currency legislation,” Altman reports. “The Texas Representative might also be enticed, says campaign chairman Jesse Benton, by the prospect of serving as a presidential adviser, a Cabinet position for someone in his orbit or ‘perhaps a vice presidency.’ Not for himself, but rather his son.”

Paul previously denied the rumors that his campaign has been in cahoots with Romney – and he has been critical of the ideologically-bankrupt “forefather of Obamacare” in several of his television ads.

Having said that, he has clearly been much harsher on Romney’s opponents – especially during the debate process.

In discussing rumors of a “corrupt bargain” between Romney and Paul last month we humbly suggested that “Paul take steps to balance his criticism between Romney and Santorum.” We also humbly suggested that Rand Paul “take his name out of the running for the vice presidency on any GOP ticket not headlined by his father.”

Neither of those things has happened …

This website has been consistent and unambiguous in its contempt for Romney dating back to the 2008 election cycle. Why? Because he’s a fraud of the very worst sort – a supporter of socialized medicine and tax hikes who is anti-transparent and tends to be lying when his lips are moving.

Contrastingly, we enthusiastically endorsed Paul’s candidacy based on his refusal to sell out to politicians just like Romney.

As we have noted on numerous previous occasions, “it is not Ron Paul supporters who need to ‘get on board‘ with the GOP establishment, it is establishment Republicans who need to get on board with a candidate who is actually supporting the principles their party claims to stand for.”

Accordingly, if Paul (or his son) decide to go with Romney – we won’t be going with them.

Fiscal conservatives need (and deserve) an alternative choice – not some sort of “corrupt bargain” with the GOP establishment.

Besides, how on earth can anything that comes out of Romney’s mouth be trusted? This ideological shape-shifter has been all over the map on so many issues that it’s impossible to take him seriously when he stakes out a position on anything.

We will continue to hope and pray that talk of this shady deal is just that … talk.

Unfortunately, with each passing day it appears increasingly evident that some sort of deal is in the works … which as far as we’re concerned would be devastating to the real conservative moment while  invalidating everything that Ron Paul has spent his career advancing.

Say it ain’t so, Ron. Please …

Pic: via Daylife