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That didn’t take long …

Days after the S.C. Senate confirmed Catherine Templeton as the new commissioner of the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC), the agency has blocked employees from reading FITSNews.

Multiple sources confirmed that the ban took place at around noon on Monday – although it’s unclear whether it was authorized by Templeton or accompanied by any sort of written policy.

Obviously this isn’t the first – and won’t be the last – time a state agency attempts to prevent its employees from accessing our content. We’ve previously been blocked by the S.C. Budget and Control Board (SCBCB), the S.C. Department of Education and the entire judicial branch of government.

Of course while imposing these bans on their employees, in most cases department heads and “senior staff” at these agencies have their personal IP settings modified so that they can continue reading FITS.

We’re sure that will be the case with Templeton … who if we didn’t know better we might confuse for a fan.

Anyway …

While you might find this hard to believe (especially coming from a certified egomaniac like our founding editor), he never sweats this stuff. Despite all the various governmental bans, our traffic continues to skyrocket …

“You can’t stop the rock,” Sic Willie (a.k.a Will Folks) likes to say.

Also, we don’t begrudge agencies for making the decision to block our content. We are clearly a good bit racier than most news sites, and even if we weren’t – that’s still the agencies prerogative.

As far as we’re concerned it’s a badge of honor, as well as another batch of readers to add to our “five o’clock rush” (i.e. when all the government bureaucrats in Columbia, S.C. go home and log onto FITS from their personal computers).