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Who does No. 2 work for?

In South Carolina, they shouldn’t work for anybody – because the state’s “second-highest” constitutional office shouldn’t even exist. And if it is permitted to endure, it ought to be a single staff position appointed by the governor as opposed to some independently-elected boob running an office full of junior boobs.

Assuming we’re going to have lieutenant governors at all, they should be executive branch “ministers without portfolio,” nodding dutifully (or nodding off … we don’t care) at cabinet meetings while fulfilling their one and only job responsibility: maintaining a pulse.

No staff, no security detail, no car … etc. Just the $50,000 salary … which last time we checked was a generous appropriation for pulse maintenance.

Currently, the lieutenant governor’s office in South Carolina is a part-time post that has three main functions … presiding over the State Senate, administering the S.C. Office on Aging and serving as a replacement for the governor in the event of death.

Humbly, we would suggest the following …

1) Let the Senate President preside over his own chamber.

2) Abolish the Office on Aging.

and …

3) Either do away with the Lieutenant Governor’s office completely or permit the governor to appoint someone to fill the post.

Taxpayers watched for eight years as former Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer made a mockery of this office with his lead foot and dubious ethics. Now Ken Ard has disgraced the office even further with his crimes of moral turpitude.

This lowly post can’t take anymore …

It’s time to put the S.C. Lieutenant Governor’s office out of its misery.

Adopting these reforms we outlined above would save taxpayers an estimated $37 million a year … well, assuming our state actually had a mechanism to “save” tax dollars (it currently doesn’t, thanks to these guys).

That’s obviously a drop in the bucket of a $22.8 billion budget, but in addition to the savings such reforms would prevent the sort of goat show we’ve witnessed in South Carolina over the last few days.

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