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Just when you thought the craziest day in South Carolina politics couldn’t get any crazier … here’s another twist to try and follow.

Sources close to Glenn McConnell – who was “elevated” to the lieutenant governor’s office by the resignation of Ken Ard early Friday – will file as a candidate for the State Senate seat he is being forced to vacate.

McConnell, who has served in the Senate for 31 years, will take the oath of office as lieutenant governor next Tuesday. At that point, the Senate will declare a vacancy – which triggers a special election for the seat.

Assuming that happens, filing for this vacant seat would open on March 30 and end on April 9. Partisan primaries would be held on May 29 and runoff elections, if necessary, would be held on June 12.

A special election would then be held on July 17 pitting the Republican and Democratic candidates.

Can McConnell navigate all of that and win his seat back?

Looks like we’re going to find out …

There are a whole host of other palace intrigues taking place behind the scenes in an attempt to determine who will follow McConnell into the lieutenant governor’s office (should he win his old seat back), but at this point it’s anybody’s guess who will win that race.

Frankly, we wouldn’t be surprised if Caligula’s horse was running South Carolina by this time next year.

UPDATE: Adding another bizarre wrinkle to this ongoing insanity, some State House observers believe that McConnell could be ineligible to run for his old seat. According to them Article IV, Section 9 of the S.C. Constitution – the same article which resulted in McConnell assuming the lieutenant governor’s office – requires that “another person” be elected to fill the seat he vacated. Stay tuned for an exclusive report on that momentarily …