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Our founding editor’s five-month-old son Phillippe isn’t old enough yet to have formed any discernible views on the subject of individual liberty … or any subject, really.

He doesn’t care that government is spending billions of dollars that his generation will never be able to pay back on an assortment of freedom-depriving measures … some of which are more intrusive than others.

And he may never care … that’s gong to be his call.

He likes to eat, sleep, poop and be held … in no particular order … although if he’s not sleeping (and you’re not holding him), then odds are you will be hearing from him very shortly. And yes, the little lad gets his way quite often … which may have something to do with the fact that he’s the world’s most adorable baby (well, since his sister).

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Go ahead … “Awwwww …”

There is one subject on which young “P” has formed a very strong opinion, however … namely his unambiguous aversion to taking milk from a bottle. Seriously … it’s not happening … under any circumstances. For “P,” there is only one (well, two) food source(s) that will do … something that millions of American mothers understand.

And millions of American men for that matter …

Anyway, to assist these mothers in their efforts are breast pumps … which we’re informed are indispensable gadgets owing to the fact that they enable long-term storage of milk for babies who will take a bottle while permitting nursing moms to “pump and dump” when their little ones aren’t hungry (something that rarely happens in P’s case).

Of course God forbid you try to take one of these pumps on an airplane in this country …

According to KITV 4 in Hawaii, Amy Strand was traveling from Lihue to Maui on business with her nine-month old daughter, Eva … and a breast pump.

That’s when U.S. Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) agents at Lihue Airport detained Strand and refused to let her board her flight – at least as long as she had empty breast pump bottles with her. In fact, Strand was forced to fill the bottles in a public restroom prior to being allowed to pass through security.

Strand told KITV that she was “embarrassed and humiliated” as a result of the incident – which is understandable.

For once, TSA acknowledged its error.

“We accept responsibility for the apparent misunderstanding and any inconvenience or embarrassment this incident may have caused (Strand),” the agency said in a statement to the TV station.

TSA will also require the officer who told Strand to “go into the women’s bathroom” to pump to take some sort of government-funded sensitivity awareness program, and sent a memo about the incident to other airport employees.

Sheesh …

The invasive nature of TSA screenings (and the even more invasive pat-downs that follow if you refuse to be screened) received national attention earlier this year when U.S. Sen. Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) – son of GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul – was detained after refusing a pat-down at an airport in Nashville, Tennessee.

Of course it’s not just the groping – and the taxpayer-funded peep shows – that worry us, it’s stuff like this.

Government shouldn’t be in the business of providing airport security – nor should Americans be forced to submit to such a wide range of dehumanizing treatment in the name of their own protection. Of course that’s just our opinion … we’re sure our readers (and maybe even one day little “P”) will have their own thoughts on the matter.