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Tea Party leaders rebuked S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley this week for her failure to lead on government restructuring – an issue the governor is hoping to use as a springboard to reclaim some of her lost popularity.

Leaders of several prominent Tea Party organizations gathered at the S.C. State House this week to denounce the governor for her “lack of support for real reform.”

Included among those leaders were Talbert Black of the Campaign For Liberty and Harry Kibler, leader of a group called RINO Hunt.

As we have noted on numerous previous occasions, Haley has been all over the map when it comes to her views on government restructuring. Originally, she joined forces with liberal Senate Finance Chairman Hugh Leatherman (RINO-Florence) on a backroom deal that would have actually grown government and further splintered accountability in our state’s already dysfunctional state government.

Specifically, one key component of Haley and Leatherman’s deal would have preserved the ability of the state’s electric cooperatives to control the S.C. State Energy Office – ostensibly as a reward for their bankrolling of Haley’s campaign.

Fortunately, Democrats led by S.C. Sen. Vincent Sheheen and fiscal conservatives led by S.C. Sen. Tom Davis defeated this backroom deal, at which point Haley actually summoned lawmakers back to Columbia in an unsuccessful last ditch effort to get it passed.

Eventually, she was forced to flip-flop and announce her support for a more taxpayer-friendly version of the legislation.

(To read our exclusive report regarding Haley’s conflicted history on the government restructuring issue, click here).

Still, Haley’s movement from the “liberal” to the “moderate” version of government restructuring isn’t pleasing the Tea Party – which played an integral role in her 2010 election.

Haley deserves no credit whatsoever for advancing government restructuring legislation … however we have no doubt that when a bill (any bill) reaches her desk, Haley will hold an elaborate signing ceremony (complete with lifted theme music) in which she plays the role of reform movement rock star while everyone else is reduced to a silent backdrop of nameless, nitwit boobs.

Thanks to the Tea Party for reminding us of the truth behind Haley’s so-called “commitment” to efficient and accountable government.