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First we lost The Beer Goggler, now it appears as though there are some issues over at What Would Tyler Durden Do?, one of our first man crushes on the internet.

“The page just feels stagnant lately,” WWTDD’s elusive author noted last week. “I need to change some things, so Tyler can be more than it is now.”

“I sound like a complete queer right now, don’t I?” he added.

You had us at “stagnant,” bro. You had us at “stagnant.”

WWTDD is one of the funniest sites you’ll ever read – a source of  biting, wildly inappropriate pop culture commentary that has been a huge influence on our founding editor for several years.

Anyway, we hope they resolve their issues (a.k.a.  locate their big girl panties) soon … because we’d hate to lose them.

Especially when they’re turning us on to hotties like the lovely Freida Pinto (via Esquire) …

“All Esquire ever puts online is lo-res versions of their pictures,” Tyler notes. “Because why put a hi-res picture on their website? This internet thing is probably just a fad, but magazines are here to stay. Why just this morning I rode my penny farthing to the general store and bought one warning me about opium dens and Chinamen.”


And that is why we need Tyler to stick around …

Pics: via Esquire