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Remember how U.S. President Barack Obama’s socialized medicine plan was going to lower health care costs and save tax dollars?

Errrrrr … not so much (again).

According to the FY 2013 budget proposed earlier this year by the Obama administration, the costs associated with implementing a key component of “Obamacare” have soared by $111 billion from the previous year.

The costs involve government subsidies that will be doled out to certain middle class recipients so that they can purchase coverage in Obamacare’s controversial “state exchanges.” A year ago, the price tag for these subsidies was $367 billion over a ten-year period … but in Obama’s new budget, the cost jumps to $478 billion over the same time frame.

Administration officials blamed the increase on “technical changes.”

Really? A thirty percent hike in one year?

Obviously this isn’t the first time that central components of “Obamacare” have been exposed as much more expensive than originally projected.

Last summer, it was revealed that nearly 3 million additional middle class Americans making up to $64,000 a year will be eligible for taxpayer-funded health care coverage beginning in 2014 – adding a whopping $450 billion to the ten-year cost of the legislation.

Who knows what other hidden surprises are buried within this monstrosity?

Sadly, this is what happens when shady tactics and outright bribes are employed in an effort to shove unpopular legislation through Congress.

Obamacare” was narrowly passed last March by a Democratic-controlled U.S. Congress – and was repealed in January by the GOP-controlled U.S. House, although the U.S. Senate never voted on the repeal legislation.

The constitutionality of the law will be debated later this year by the U.S. Supreme Court.

We have consistently opposed this monstrosity ever since it first reared its sinister head. We hate its infringements on individual liberty, but the bottom line is that America simply cannot afford its exorbitant costs or the new burdens it would place on the private sector – concerns which are even more relevant now than ever in light of America’s debilitating debt and increasingly sluggish economy.

Accordingly, we’re hoping the legislation is struck down in its entirety …

Pic: via Daylife