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Unlike bloggers who have sucked off of the University of South Carolina’s taxpayer-funded teat, we don’t think it’s especially newsworthy that one of the state’s most hare-brained higher ed boondogglers has decided to open a Twitter account.

Of course we’re not Brad Warthen – who devoted several hundred words earlier this month to University of South Carolina president Harris Pastides’ decision to start tweeting.

Anyway, now that this monumental scoop has been unearthed … how is Pastides’ Twitter career progressing?

Let’s take a look …

“In L.A. for meetings … driving past ‘USC West.'” Pastides tweeted last week, referring to the University of Southern California. “Thought about what a merger might look like, but don’t think the colors would blend. Bad idea.”

Needless to say our founding editor Will Folks (a.k.a. Sic Willie) was all over that.

“You don’t think cocks and Trojans go well together?” he tweeted back to Pastides.

Penile humor aside, though, we’re much more interested in Pastides’ “USC West” comment – which would seem to imply that the University of Southern California and the University of South Carolina are equals, and that there is some universe in which the former might consider partnering with the latter.

Is that so?

According to the latest U.S. News and World Report national college rankings, “USC West” was ranked No. 23 in the nation. Our “USC?” It’s ranked No. 111.

In football, Southern Cal has won 11 national championships and 38 conference championships. South Carolina? We’ve won a single conference championship (ACC – 1969) and one divisional championship (SEC East – 2010).

In baseball, the Gamecocks have won back-to-back national titles. Impressive, right? Not compared to the dozen national championships USC has won.

Also, while Southern Cal isn’t known for its men’s basketball program, the Trojans have reached the NCAA tournament four times in the last five years. “USC East” hasn’t made the “Big Dance” since 2004 – and hasn’t won a tournament game since 1974. And although USC is a woeful 6-21 this season – they beat Darrin Horn’s Gamecocks 63-60 back in November.

Is there anything the Gamecocks do better than the Trojans?

Well we “raw dog” them in international business … although this award-winning program (and the rest of USC’s core academic departments) play second fiddle to Pastides’ ongoing obsession with speculative “economic development” deals.

The brainchild of Pastides and S.C. House Speaker Bobby Harrell, the “Innovista” project has already cost taxpayers at least $150 million (including over $40 million in state funds). The project was supposed to usher in the “hydrogen economy of the future” and bring “thousands of high-paying jobs” to downtown Columbia, S.C., but it has failed spectacularly on all counts.

Amazingly, this boondoggle is still being funded by state and local taxpayers to the tune of millions of dollars a year – and that’s just its direct appropriations. The facility also recently received a $154 million bailout from Columbia, S.C. taxpayers.

“Tweet that,” Harris.