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We suffered through all 144 minutes of the first Transformers movie … made it about halfway through the plot-free sequel Revenge of the Fallen and completely took a pass on Dark of the Moon, the third installment in the noisy trilogy.

Does that mean we’ve given up on Michael Bay, the talent-challenged director of the series? Of course not …

After all, Bay’s latest project is something he can’t possibly screw up – a Victoria’s Secret commercial starring Namibian hottie Behati Prinsloo (seen above – and below – on the beaches of Miami).

What is a Namibian hottie? Um … perhaps the real question isn’t “What is a Namibian hottie?” it’s “What does a Namibian hottie transform into in a Michael Bay commercial?”

Because we’re hoping the answer is a loud robot that smashes into stuff while occasionally pausing to deliver poorly-timed lines from a vacuous script.

Pretty pretty please Michael Bay!

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