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The deadly tsunami that rocked Japan last spring has pushed more than 25 million tons of debris into the Pacific Ocean … and it’s headed our way.

The massive floating mass has been broken up to some extent by storms over the last eleven months – but chunks of homes, boats and possibly even human remains will soon be washing up on the shores of Alaska, Washington State, Oregon and California.

How soon? Nobody seems to know …

“The debris’ composition and how much is still floating on the surface are largely unknown,” researchers at the International Pacific Research Center note. “One thing is certain: the debris is hazardous to navigation, marine life, and when washed ashore, to coastlines.”

Most current projections show the bulk of the tsunami debris reaching the United States in 2014, although those are really nothing more than educated guesses.

To watch the debris field in motion, click the map below …

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Pic: International Pacific Research Center