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Clemson University’s trip to the 2012 Orange Bowl wound up costing its football program more than $113,000, according to revenue and expense reports provided by the school to GSA Business.

Clemson spent $1.84 million on travel, lodging, food and other expenses related to the Orange Bowl, according to the reports. Meanwhile the bowl game only paid Clemson $1.72 million.

Not only that, Clemson had to shell out $2.3 million to cover the cost of approximately 8,000 tickets that it failed to sell – although the Atlantic Coast Conference will reimburse the school for that expense.

Clemson sold just 9,000 tickets to the game out of an allotment of 17,000.

Here’s the breakdown the school provided GSA Business

Mileage allowances – $104,231
Charter and ground travel – $183,226
Lodging – $502,587
Clemson meals prior to departure – $81,820
Meal per diem and incidentals – $205,271
Hotel meals – $182,532
Game tickets – $323,415
Gifts and awards – $63,869
Insurance and other expenses – $191,624

Total expense – $1,838,575
Total reimbursement – $1,725,000
Loss – $113,575

The fifteenth-ranked Tigers were pummeled by No. 23 West Virginia in the game – giving up a bowl-record 70 points to the Mountaineers en route to a humiliating 70-33 defeat. Not long after the debacle, head coach Dabo Swinney fired defensive coordinator Kevin Steele.

Amazingly, the school’s “senior associate athletics director” Katie Hill claimed that the national exposure Clemson gained as a result of playing in the Orange Bowl provided the school with “an unmeasured benefit.”

Um … what???

More like an “unmeasured embarrassment.”

UPDATE: West Virginia just scored … again.