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We’ve made fun of Republican gatherings in the past as the “Land of 1,000 virgins,” but apparently that wasn’t the case at last week’s “Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC)” gathering in Washington, D.C.

According to a pay-to-play blogger and a wrinkly overweight hag – the young Republicans who attended this event partied like it was 1999 (i.e. before their party added several trillion dollars to the national debt).

According to RedState’s Erick Erickson, CPAC attendees treated the annual conservative event “like an extension of their college days doing their best to hook up before passing out.” Meanwhile Melissa Clouthier – a prominent defender of S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley – wrote that she was “dismayed to see how many of them either looked frumpish or like two-bit whores.”

Ah, you gotta love righteous indignation …

Clouthier went on to say that young women attending events like this should select a wardrobe that features “no cleavage, no stilettos, no short skirts.”

Um … you mean like Sarah Palin (legs, above)?

Anyway, we’re pleased to report that South Carolina’s young conservative ladies – including up-and-coming activists Lauren Luxenburg and Kathryn Dennis – looked classy as always, even if their heels may have violated Cloutier’s rule.

Frankly, this dust-up (which Erickson and Clouthier provoked on their respective websites) strikes us as nothing more than unattractive people venting their spleens because they’re unattractive.

Especially Clouthier’s rant.

Seriously, we don’t know what Republican-sponsored “Bridge to Nowhere” that this fat ass troll crawled out from underneath, but just because her body mass is unable to maintain its balance atop a pair of classy five-inch heels doesn’t make everyone who wears them “two-bit whores.”

Don’t like yourself?

Hit the gym … or hire a plastic surgeon. Don’t call other people names in a transparent effort to make yourself feel better.

UPDATE: Oh, and Ms. Clouthier, as it relates to your comment regarding “3rd wave sluts who empower themselves by screwing every available horndog man,” you just described our governor better than we ever could.

UPDATE II: Our guess is that Erickson and Clouthier would probably be more comfortable attending this kind of GOP function …