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What goes up must come down, right? And some things come down faster than others … (with all apologies to Galileo, who obviously never included politicians in his gravitational experimentation).

Anyway, in the not-too-distant past when our founding editor worked under S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley (double entendre intended), she used to insist that any new logo for her then-nascent statewide ambition incorporate “Haley’s Comet” – her trademark.

So ubiquitous has this comet now become in South Carolina politics that even Haley’s antagonists use it in their anti-Haley logos.

In this week’s editions of The Spartanburg Herald-Journal, veteran South Carolina political cartoonist Robert Ariail has an interesting take on the current trajectory of “Haley’s Comet.”

Pretty accurate, eh?

Anyway, props to Ariail. To check out more of his work, click on the link below …

ROBERT ARIAIL (Official Site)