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Just like that, Mitt Romney is back on top in the race for the Florida Republican presidential primary.

Less than a week after blowing a 20-point lead in the Sunshine State (and falling behind South Carolina victor Newt Gingrich by nine points in a Florida survey taken just five days ago), four new polls show Romney with an eight-point lead over the former U.S. Speaker.

What gives?

At this point your guess is as good as ours …

Republican voters – in Iowa, South Carolina, Florida and elsewhere – are simply fit to be tied. There is a chunk of the GOP electorate (our guess is it’s around 20 percent) that simply cannot be swayed from the notion that Romney is the only electable Republican in the field. Meanwhile there is an even bigger chunk of the GOP electorate (our guess is its around 40 percent) that would not piss on Romney if he were on fire.

The only problem with this construct?

If Gingrich is the “anti-Romney,” then he’s done a piss poor job of positioning himself ideologically over the course of his political career.

“Both Gingrich and Obama have backed massive government overspending, socialized medicine programs, amnesty for illegal immigrants, radical climate change legislation and a host of other left-wing agenda items,” we wrote recently.

Hell, both candidates even have a “Freddie Mac problem” too …

In other words, while we wish the Republican Party would do its job and provide voters with a credible alternative to U.S. President Barack Obama’s socialist vision for this country, it appears they would rather go back and forth between two candidates who have spent their careers promoting/ placating such a vision.

Or as we’ve come to call this election … #Obamneyich.

Pic: via Daylife