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jim demint

jim demint

By Jim DeMint || Today the Senate is voting to disapprove the debt ceiling increase as requested by President Obama. Unfortunately, this is a hollow gesture as Congress passed a deal last year that made the increase possible. It is disingenuous to vote for a deal that increases the debt by trillions of dollars and then vote later on a non-binding resolution to disapprove of it.

I opposed this deal because our nation is on the edge of a fiscal cliff. It’s much more important to fight for long-lasting reforms to save our country than make politically-expedient deals.

This watered-down debt deal created a debt commission, spending sequesters, and required the president to ask for debt increases in series of requests. In the end, the debt commission failed to produce any recommendations and several members of Congress are already seeking to undo the sequesters. Additionally, the debt deal sidelined Rep. Paul Ryan’s (R.-Wisc.) budget that was passed by the House and allowed appropriators to increase spending above his levels. As a result of this deal, the government is spending more, debt is exploding, and our nation is closer to bankruptcy.

Since President Obama has taken office, our national debt has increased by more than $4.5 trillion to pay for a failed stimulus, a health care takeover, and bailouts to special interests. It’s time to stop the reckless spending and debt that our children and grandchildren will have to pay for.

Americans are looking for courageous leadership to save our nation from fiscal collapse. Americans understand that we must pass a Balanced Budget Amendment to force Congress from spending more than we’re bringing in. I challenge members of Congress in both parties to open their eyes to what is happening in Europe, to stop with the meaningless show votes, and get serious about our debt crisis before it is too late.

Jim DeMint is a United States Senator from South Carolina. Read more from him here.