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Former S.C. Parks Recreation and Tourism (PRT) director Chad Prosser recently announced his candidacy for the newly-drawn seventh congressional district, becoming literally the umpteenth person to do so.

And while a pair of candidates have dropped out recently (one spectacularly so), we currently count at least eight Republican candidates running for this seat – Prosser, former S.C. Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer, local TV host Mande Wilkes, Florence, S.C. attorney Jay Jordan, Horry County Council chairman Tom Rice, longtime Myrtle Beach City Councilman Randal Wallace, former Democratic Congressional candidate Dick Withington and Murrells Inlet realtor Renee Culler.

Three Democrats – including S.C. Rep. Ted Vick – are also campaigning for the seat.

Prosser claims that while working under former S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford he “took a no-nonsense approach to fiscal conservatism and public accountability.”

We’re sure he did … on those rare days he actually bothered to show up for work.

Prosser also completely lost us when he said that the seventh district “needs a proven conservative reformer in Washington who has the experience and the dedication to clean up the Beltway mess.”

It’s not that we disagree with the sentiment behind the pablum … it’s his willingness to serve such hackneyed bromidity

Seriously, people … it’s gotten to the point in South Carolina that we instinctively reach for our ankles when we hear a politician (or would-be politician) calling themselves a “proven conservative reformer.”

Anyway, Prosser has cash and connections (like a lot of the other candidate in this race), so we expect him to mount a credible candidacy. Unfortunately we don’t expect him to offer much in terms of substantive policy – which is pretty much par for the course in this underwhelming contest.

South Carolina needs another Mick Mulvaney or Jeff Duncan in D.C. – and with the exception of Wilkes none of these candidates fits the bill.