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S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley signed an executive order on Tuesday that she says will prevent striking workers in South Carolina from receiving unemployment benefits.

The only problem? State law in South Carolina already forbids striking workers from receiving unemployment benefits.

In fact, all Haley’s executive order actually does is require that two of her cabinet agencies communicate with each other better regarding pending labor disputes – something they should be doing already.

Not only that, neither Haley nor Catherine Templeton – director of the S.C. Department of Labor Licensing and Regulation (SCLLR) – could recall the last time that a general strike occurred in South Carolina, which boasts some of the nation’s toughest right-to-work laws.

Just five percent of South Carolina workers are unionized – the seventh-lowest percentage in the nation.

That percentage is apparently not good enough for Haley, though. In addition to her ridiculous executive order, she also teamed up with longtime “Republican in Name Only” lawmaker Bill Sandifer (read more on this peach of a guy here and here) to file new “anti-union” legislation.

Sandifer’s bill would require unionized workplaces to put up a poster up advising employees of their right not to join. It would also require unions to provide financial information to the state – info that they are already required to provide to the federal government.

Pretty underwhelming stuff …

In fact Haley’s “anti-union” measures are collectively a joke … but a joke that (sadly) gets told in some form or fashion every year at the S.C. State House. “Republican” politicians manufacture “issues” like this each session in an effort to fool people into thinking that they’re getting something done. Meanwhile real reforms are put off … as they are every year.

As we wrote on the eve of the 2012 legislative session, there are numerous “real reforms that South Carolina must pass immediately if our state hopes to become competitive in the 21st Century.” We even listed and color-coded them so that our intellectually incurious “Republican” lawmakers don’t get confused.

This nonsense isn’t on the list …

South Carolina needs “tough new anti-union measures” like it needs another government-run “accountability” program for its worst-in-the-nation public school system. And while you won’t find a more consistent anti-union voice than this website … South Carolina simply doesn’t have a union problem in need of solving.

Haley should be embarrassed by this charade.

To waste people’s time like this … fabricating rhetorical solutions to nonexistent problems … is simply beneath the dignity of the office she holds.

Last month, we wrote a piece in which we offered the governor – who suffered through a disastrous first year in office – some free advice on how to turn things around. One of our recommendations? That she “offer substantive policy.”

Clearly she’s moving in the opposite direction … a trend which, if it continues, will likely guarantee that her second legislative session is every bit as spectacularly unsuccessful as her first.

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