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Five weeks ago, when the 2012 presidential race was shaping up as a Newt Gingrich v. Barack Obama affair (as opposed to a Mitt Romney v. Obama affair) we took a moment to point out the lack of any real ideological distinction between the two presumptive major party nominees.

“Both Gingrich and Obama have backed massive government overspending, socialized medicine programs, amnesty for illegal immigrants, radical climate change legislation and a host of other left-wing agenda items,” we wrote at the time. “Not only that … both are demonstrated failures as leaders, Gingrich betraying the ‘Republican Revolution’ in 1994 and Obama failing to deliver on either ‘hope’ or ‘change’ after his historic 2008 victory.”

While Gingrich is still a long ways away from vanquishing Mitt Romney – another socialized medicine-backing, tax-hiking, crony capitalist masquerading as a Republican – he blew him out of the water in South Carolina and is currently pulling ahead of him in Florida.

Meanwhile the mainstream media … which tried desperately to turn the 2012 race into a two-man narrative once previously – is eagerly lapping up the harsh invective that both candidates are spewing at each other.

We’re not buying into the drama, though … and neither should you. In fact, it’s important to recognize that the reason there’s so much harsh invective available to be spewed is that Gingrich and Romney are the two most ideologically unacceptable candidates seeking the GOP nomination.

Which we told y’alls a year ago …

Anyway, in an effort to draw attention to the remarkable ideological symmetry between Obama, Romney and Gingrich (and in a nod to our status as South Carolinas top tweeter), we’ve come up with a new Twitter “#hashtag” for the big gubmint lovin’ trio: #Obamneyich.

In fact we used the new tag in a tweet today …

Wanna help spread the word?

If you post an observation (or link to an article) on Twitter that refers to the conforming ideologies of Obama, Romney and Gingrich, use the #Obamneyich tag. Seriously … it’s the least you can do, especially seeing as we went to all the trouble of giving the tag a nice “communist sounding” name.