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With the issue of abortion once again playing a starring role in South Carolina’s quadrennial “First in the South” presidential primary election, you might be tempted to assume that the Palmetto State is the most “pro-life” state in the nation.

Is it? Seriously … we’re asking. Does anybody know how the Palmetto State stacks up when it comes to life issues? Because judging by the preponderance of Bible-thumpers living in South Carolina, you’d think we would be No. 1 – or at the very least in the top five.

Not so, according to Americans United for Life (AUL) – a group that ranks each state based on its commitment to “life-affirming policies.” According to the AUL’s 2012 “Life List,” South Carolina ranks No. 20 in the nation when it comes to defending life.

Take a look …

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Washington, California, Hawaii, Vermont, and Montana fared worst on the list, while Louisiana, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Nebraska, and Arkansas fared best.