Hours after a photoshopped image of her husband sporting a Hitler moustache surfaced on the internet, Karen Santorum has found herself on the receiving end of a scathing “old school” political attack in rough and tumble South Carolina.

With just days remaining before Palmetto State Republicans cast their ballots in the “First in the South” presidential primary, copies of a pink flyer detailing Santorum’s personal romantic history with an abortion doctor were discovered littering automobile windshields outside of a pro-life forum in Greenville, S.C.

The pink flyer – a copy of which was photographed and forwarded to FITS – delves into a lengthy relationship that Karen Santorum, wife of former U.S. Senator and GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum, had with Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania abortion doctor Tom Allen three decades ago.

The letter was signed by Elizabeth Leichert, a pro-life activist from Parker, S.C. Copies of it were placed on windshields outside of a Personhood USA pro-life forum attended by Santorum, former U.S. Speaker Newt Gingrich, U.S. Rep. Ron Paul and Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

Mitt Romney – the Republican frontrunner nationally and in early-voting South Carolina – did not attend the event.

“Like many Christians I know, I was originally very attracted to Rick Santorum’s positions – especially on the Right to Life issue,” Leichert’s letter begins. “But that was before I began digging into his record.”

Leichert then writes about Karen Santorum’s “six-year affair with an abortionist named Tom Allen.”

“This abortion doctor was 30 years her senior!” she writes. “In fact, he delivered her as a baby! The only reason they broke up was that Karen wanted kids – while Tom was busy killing them.”

(To read the letter in its entirety, click here).

Karen Santorum’s relationship with Allen is no secret. It’s been reported on multiple times – including a story in The New York Daily News that was published earlier this week.

At the time the relationship began in 1982, Karen Santorum was 22 years old. Allen was 63 years old. Karen Santorum is 51 years old now, while Allen is 92.

After detailing his wife’s relationship, Leichert goes on to assail Rick Santorum’s record on pro-life issues.

“The attacks on him for funding Planned Parenthood are 100 percent true,” she writes. “He’s even stated in a TV interview that he supports Title X funding, which sends our tax dollars to Planned Parenthood!”

Leichert also claims that Santorum has “time and again endorsed pro-abortion Republicans who work to defeat any efforts by Congress to save the lives of the unborn.”

Obviously we know who signed the letter … but which campaign was ultimately responsible for launching the attack? Allegations are flying among the rival 2012 camps, but at the moment a majority of fingers are being pointed at Perry’s campaign.

We’ll continue to investigate, obviously.  In the meantime, click on the links below to view the flyer for yourself …